Welcome To Wod & Go

Welcome to our outdoor express 30 minute workouts. For us at FSM this is nothing new. Pre Covid we had this in place, but now we have refined it to give you the best possible experience outside of the gym setting.

We have put a stringent cleaning system in place to make sure your health & wellbeing is of paramount importance!

If you are interested then get in touch with us here!

What is WOD & GO?:

First of all, this is NOT a bootcamp in a car park. This is a fully operational programme which is constantly evolving. We have it all built into our state of the art Wodify system where you can both check in to a class, post your scores and also interact with other members.

We have running workouts, ab workouts, aerobic capacity workouts, barbell workouts and strongman workouts. We are only limited by our imagination. The only difference? We are outside getting vitamin D while maintaining social distancing…. But social distancing does not fully eliminate the social aspect of what we do as you will be working as part of a small group!

What Are The Steps We Have In Place?

  • We have marked out individual stations which are in accordance with HSE guidelines (minimum of 2 metres apart) with sanitizing stations which maintain the cleanliness and help stop the spread of the coronavirus.
  • All stations are sanitized by all participants and by coaches before and at the end of classes. We have put a gap of 15 minutes between classes to accommodate this.
  • There is ABSOLUTELY no sharing of equipment. Whatever equipment you use during a class, is only used by you!
  • Our Groups are a max of four within government guidelines.


Wod & Go is currently operating the following schedule Monday – Friday:


The cost of our outdoor classes is 10 sessions for 90€. These need to be used in a calendar month.We do not do pay as you go classes.

How To Sign Up?

Signing up is easy just get in contact with us here and we will guide you through the process.


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