Stephen Kinsella owner of FSM

Stephen Kinsella - OWNER

Stephen has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. In his time Coach Stephen has seen the trends, fads and what actually works to get people results. In his long career Stephen has helped to open Two commercial fitness facilities Small group Training Company Two CrossFit Facilities His own Company FSM (Functional Strength Movement) His philosophy when it comes to exercise has evolved over the past 120 years and Stephen prides himself on simplifying exercise and nutrition for his clients.

Stephen helps his clients to become consistent in exercise and food forming long term habits to create a better, healthier lifestyle. For the past 8 years Stephen has developed Ireland’s leading youth strength and conditioning programmeme at FSM. He is the go to coach for kids and teens in Ireland helping kids from all sports excel to the highest levels.

OUR coaches

David Lacey coach at FSM

David Lacey


David is passionate about health, wellness and happiness. Through his own weight loss of over 20kg gave him the experience and drive to dive headfirst into the fitness industry in 2013/14. Having been overweight he needed to make a change originally starting out attending Personal Training sessions, he was introduced to functional fitness in 2012 and never looked back.

On top of this, after seeing his own progress, he wanted to change his career after spending a considerable time in the retail industry and he earned his qualifications while cutting back to a part time job. Through his journey he has been exposed to many specialties to enhance his ability to help his clients. He specialises in Strength and fat loss. He has also a good knowledge of nutrition having studied it for a year in UCD and 3 years in Sallynoggin and working with clients to help improve their nutritional habits. David trains all age groups, from 16 years to 65 years young, underweight and overweight clients. He is passionate about improving life – through positive lifestyle choices and good quality coaching. He currently runs the women’s only classes and takes a big interest in the programmeming in FSM. He is also a Personal Trainer at FSM.

Alex Knight coach at FSM

Alex Knight


Alex has been a member of FSM bray since he was 14 years old. Coming from a rugby and rowing background he was a strong teenager but could still have room to improve. For the past three years he has come a long way from when he started. He has competed in multiple fitness events representing FSM bray at the filthy 150 and Celtic cup to name a few.

He is an intern/junior coach who did his work experience at FSM bray during his Transition year in school along with helping out over the summer with the FSM kids camps. He is a fitness enthusiast and eager to learn and grow his coaching knowledge and experience, to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and help others along the way to do the same.

Ben Whyte coach at FSM

Ben Whyte


Coach Ben has had a passion about health & fitness from an early age having played football at a competitive level most of his life and has seen first hand the outdated strength and conditioning protocols for kids, teens and adults. Wanting to make a change and bring clarity to not only athletes but all walks of life.

Ben got his Exercise, Health Studies & Personal Training certificate in the National Training Centre in Dublin in 2020. Ben is also currently enrolled in a nutrition course with Precision Nutrition so he can provide valuable information on how to fuel your body. Ben believes that Health & Fitness should add to your life rather than restrict and is eager to show people that by making small changes can go a long way both mentally and physically.

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