Are Your Kids Gone Soft?

Are Kids / Youth gone soft?

This question has been asked so many times and depending on who you speak to it’s YES or No.

As part of life and finding out who you are. You must be faced with adversity, challenges and hardships. In these trials we learn who we are and grow.

Growth is so important for kids and teens and they only find growth when they are pushed outside there comfort zone. which teaches resilience.

Coaches, teachers and parents need to allow our children to be challenged both physically and mentally. they need to win, lose and know what it means to earn something for themselves.

With the ever rise of anxiety, depression and obesity in youths today I believe this is partly to do with them not being able to handle bad or tough experiences.

For the greater good or what we might have believed the greater good of our children we have over protected or went out of our way to protect them. This has only served to make life harder and not prepare them for the real life struggles we all have to face.

I love this saying.

“Your job is to be a parent first not their friend”

One man leading the charge and changing the narrative is Joe De Sena founder of Spartan Race.

The Spartan Race is designed to get people moving and test themselves through OCR events. Joe’s goal is to impact 100 million people and make people of this world stronger both physically and mentally.

The video below is of the kids that took on Camp Spartan a 14 day test of physical and mental resilience.

Kids and parents have gotten soft. They’re addicted it to technology, sugar and being comfortable. This is why Joe De Sena gathered a group of kids for year one of Camp Spartan: a 14-day Agoge culminating in a 24-hour Kids Death Race. To help manufacture adversity, inspire the campers and teach lessons like “Fail Forward,” he recruited an elite team of counselors: a former hostage negotiator, clinical psychologist, former mountain ranger and an olympic wrestling coach. It’s going to be a tough two weeks, but Joe’s confident he can get these kids READY FOR ANYTHING.

Camp Spartan is now in session.

What do you think? Is it to much or is it was the next generation need to grow up strong and live a productive life?

Post comment below.


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