Liam Murphy

Liam Joined FSM in June of this year. Weighing in at 117 kg on day one we knew he would find the conditioning element of CrossFit hard and he did. Within his first 2 months Liam showed that he wanted to change he lifestyle and he quickly became a regular face in main class.

He’s weight went from 117 kg to 114 kg in a two month period but the big weight loss was when he decided to do the lean abs tight ass nutrition programme. Liam went all in and committed to the programme and for a guy that went from 7-9 coffees a day to none we new this guy meant business.

As Liam lost weight, in fact he lost a total of 12 kg in 6 weeks and continues to loose weight with his last weigh in being 98 kg. in little over 4 months Liam Murphy has lost 19 kg. Not only that he can do strict pull-ups, handstand push-ups, deadlift 170 kg and the list goes on.  Also competed in his first CrossFit competition and will be at the Flithy150 team event in 3 weeks.

With out a shadow of a doubt Member of the month belongs to this man.

The Following is questions Liam answered about his journey at FSM.

1)     How did you get involved in CrossFit?

My Girlfriend Helena was a member of CrossFit FSM from before we met and even though i knew how much she benefited from it , the more she told me about it the more I thought I would never get involved in Crossfit . When she showed me what a “burpee” was I was horrified . It’ll all seemed a bit “extreme to me ” but as luck would have it i became unemployed and was toying with the idea of joining CrossFit. One Tuesday evening I popped in and scoffed as I watched people throwing balls against a wall and I said to myself ” ah sure that’s handy  ill give it a bash” little did I know that my introduction to  wall balls in fundamentals would nearly kill me”.

 2)     When did you first join FSM

19-06-2015- main class fundamentals was 3 weeks before

3)     What was your first WOD in the main classes?

5 min double unders

Hang power snatch 2-2-2-2-2-2

Metcon 21,15,9 deadlift 60kg / double-unders

4)     When did you realize CrossFit was right for you?

After my first fundamentals I knew I needed something like cross-fit the burpee sit-ups left me in bits for 3 days. After my first main class I knew that CrossFit FSM was exactly what I needed .

5)    What are your short term goals?

weight 90 kg – Weight was 117kg and today 98kg

learning to kip

6)     Long term goals?

that’s a tougher question, i suppose just to continue to improve, learn , maximize my potential and continue on my journey towards AWESOMENESS 😉

7)     What is your favourite WOD / movement?

Back Squat

8)    What is your least favourite WOD / movement?

Running with the wall ball ( EVIL ..SARA!!!… EVIL )

 9)     Least favourite and favourite music to WOD to?

I don’t really pay much attention to the music. I am more into having the craic 🙂

 10)  What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

My total lifestyle change: The support and  encouragement of the staff and members of the crossFit FSM community has given me the  focus to work hard to get fitter ,stronger and healthier . 

Thanks GUYS !!!!


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