Five Obstacles Holding Mum’s Back From Results (Part 1)

“Obstacles are those dreadful things we see when we take our eyes off our dreams.”

WORKOUT? There’s no time! I can’t even go to the bathroom!

Mum’s are the most selfless clients I have ever worked with, almost to a fault. Honestly, I wish you guys would just be a little more selfish sometimes because if you aren’t healthy, then you’re entire family will go downhill. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel better.

Many good mum’s have a hard time when it comes to their fitness. In general, you tend to think that it’s okay to put all of your personal goals and desires aside as if they’re merely dust to be swept off the floor for the good of their friends and family. But in reality, moms are not as effective as they could be when deviating from a healthy lifestyle.

After all, a mum who doesn’t work out will not have the energy to keep her engine pumping 24/7.


– Too Many Missed Meals- Especially Breakfast!

Many mum’s work twenty four hours straight – dealing with the stresses of parenting and/or challenging careers. Mornings can be especially difficult since most moms have to make breakfast for their children and husbands, drive their children to school, and even go to work themselves.

Close up of alarm clock, woman in background.

Solution: Set that alarm 5 minutes earlier and make it a point NEVER to miss breakfast!

So missing breakfast becomes a reality, often leading to a host of other missed meals and snacks throughout the day. This leads to depriving yourself of a lean, toned body while also priming your body to overeat junk food later in the day, and storing ugly, unwanted fat, especially around your hips and midsection. Furthermore, this starvation protocol creates low levels of blood sugar which zaps your energy and leaves you feeling awfully sluggish the entire day.

Look- there’s always room for breakfast, you just need to make the time! Better yet, plan ahead. Prepare a breakfast high in lean protein and fiber, so you stay right on course.

Be sure to watch out for our morning programme coming soon aimed at busy mum’s!


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