Life Coaching & Power Lifting with Sarah Doyle

Episode #4 we talk motivation and activation.

Sarah Doyle is the owner of The Better Life Project Her story and personal growth has impacted her clients to achieve amazing success in their fitness, health, work and day to day life.

She is fast becoming one of Irelands top motivational coaches and in this episode we get an insight to the why and how of The Better Life project.

From coaching one on one with clients to online webinars, group’s seminars and course Sarah keeps herself busy and more.

One of the reasons I decided to ask Sarah to be on the show was a video on BLP TV called “its not about motivation” (check the video below) Sarah explains that motivation is great but your activation is the KEY to getting you started on your journey to a better life.

As you watch this episode you will see how passionate Sarah is and why she loves to help people become better and happier versions of themselves.

So sit back relax and enjoy.



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