Jeff Costello 


Jeff joined our ranks in March after his brother Tomas got him to give the Fundamental course a go. In the space of 5 months the coaching staff at FSM have seen huge improvements in Jeffs strengths, mobility and shape.

Jeff strengths include 100kg back squat, and 135kg deadlift and we can only see this man getting stronger in the months to come.

Was caught up with Jeff and asked him a bout his CrossFit experience.

How did you get involved in CrossFit?

My brother Tomás told me about it .

When did you first join FSM

Started fundamentals on March 9.

What was your first WOD in the main classes?

Can’t remember the first one but the first week we had a 1000 skips and 5 burpees on the minute took me 16 and a bit minutes ( and nearly killed me ) .

When did you realise CrossFit was right for you?

Within the first month ,liked the variation and the encouragement .

What are your short term goals?

Get my kipping pull ups, and double unders .

Long term goals?

Just to get better and maybe finish a met con not last !

What is your favorite WOD / movement?

Favorites would be dead lifts and squats.

What is your least favorite WOD / movement?

Definitely thrusters.

Least favorite and favorite music to WOD to?

Least favorite dance music , favorite metal.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Getting 5 pull-ups.


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