Home Workout Ideas

So days like today when you have no other option, what can you do?

Some days you just cant commit or make it to the gym!

There are millions of ideas on the internet, but which should I or Do I need to be doing?

Well With This Guide we will give YOU strategies/ideas for a well balanced home workout, to help you not skip a beat.

The Internet has all the ideas in the world for you to use, but its actually putting them into practice.

1. Start With Your Mobility:

Just because you are working from home does not give you the excuse not to do mobility and stretching work. So stretch and mobilise pre and post session and as I said before, don’t just roll around on a foam roller for a few minutes an think all your mobility issues will solve themselves.

Why do we need to mobilise? To reduce injury and make the movements we do easier to do!


Some of the common issues the general population have are tight hips and shoulders. We have a warmup for you here.

2. Exercises YOU NEED To Be Doing:


There Are thousands of Exercises You Can Do, But, You want To Do The Most Effective Exercises So You Are Not Wasting Your Time And Efforts!

  • Push Ups – Full push ups with chest touching floor or some scalable ones if this is not possible.
  • One arm rows, band pull aparts, chin ups – a chin up bar in a door frame is another great addition, check one out here and check out what a band pull apart is here.
  • Squats, lunges, step ups, split squats – easy to add load with a kettlebell and lots of variations of these movements, one of my favourites is here.
  • Single leg deadlifts/deadlifts – essential exercises as you have to pick things up and put things down daily. Again Definitely Recommend Going To a Coach first before attempting these!
  • Overhead press – again a kettlebell is handy here. Don’t know where to get kettlebells? Check here.
  • Kettlebell swings, kettlebell snatch, turkish get ups – lots of options here and another reason to get and use your kettlebell
  • Burpees, box jumps – both pretty much suck but always good additions
  • Core exercises – so many options click one of my favourite core complexes right here!

3. Workouts To do:

There are plenty of options here again. Nothing too crazy just enough to get the heart rate up and break a sweat. I love this site and this document for more good equipment free workouts! All of this workouts have different skill levels, so choose accordingly. The key is variation and hitting most of the primary muscle groups in the body for the most bang for your buck! We also have our own travelling and home workout series which we are giving to YOU as a BONUS for taking the time to reading this article. Go check it out here!

smiling girl with bottle of water after exercising

4. Useful Equipment For Home workouts:

Alot People Struggle With Time, Having Accountability and this will result in limited or no results.

To get people into a good routine with fitness we have created a FREE Home workout series, check out the videos here.

Couch Stretch.jpg

This is a great starting point but by no means is the be all and end all and I would REALLY recommend getting some structure in your programme.

I hope this helps and if you need any help then make sure to get in touch.


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