FSM Nutrition 101

“The Simply Approach to Long Term Nutrition Success”

At FSM we believe training and nutrition should be made as simple as possible. With the ever growing stress of daily life. The last thing we need is over complicated nutrition that is so extreme the long term effect causes us to gain weight.

Our programme is designed for everyone that wishes to make a healthy change to their life and change the way they look at food one meal at a time.

The following Video will show you how to start eating right and in as little as 4 week you can be on the road to MORE ENERGY, LESS BODY-FAT and A BETTER LIFE. The best thing about our programme is it is 100% FREE.

I believe there are to many sake oil sales men and women out there trying to convince you to buy into a programme. In reality the only thing you are losing is your money.

The video below brings you through our full nutrition programme. We have also attached our FSM Nutrition 101 PDF for you to download and read at your convenience. Videos to help guide you and an excel sheet to record all the results you will achieve.


The following is links to videos and documents as I speak about in this video

Weekly review:






Excel sheet: Body-Stats



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