February Monthly Mantra

New to FSM members is the Monthly Mantra. This will be an email/article we send out each and every month to help motivate/inspire or kick you in the ass to get Shit Done.

Lockdown 3.0 – I think has been harder on people than the previous two. I have spoken to a lot of you and so have the coaches and we see it and hear it in the feedback we are getting. Third time around this lockdown is wearing on people mentally.

This affects us not only mentally but physically and our drive and motivation to exercise is spent if not gone.

Motivation is great and we can all watch “ROCKY” and get pumped up to exercise. But when the shit hits the fan and motivation is nowhere to be seen you need to look within to get you back up and fighting.

There is an undercurrent of STRESS we all have to deal with daily. These are small stresses, Work, family, friends, home schooling and they all look manageable, but they build up and can affect our head space and day especially when it comes to exercise and food.



Each day we get up and go about our day. A lot of us do this with little to know plan other than the following.

  • Have breakfast.
  • Go to work ( work from home / home schooling)
  • Come home
  • Have dinner.
  • Watch TV
  • Go to bed (put kids to bed)
  • Repeat

Plan your day for success!

Do you take time each morning to plan your day? A lot of us don’t and its literally like doing the lotto on your day in the hopes you win.

“To cut down a tree in 5 minutes spend three minutes sharpening your axe”

Here are some questions you can use each day to help plan and execute your day.

  1. One word that would describe the feeling I want to create today is?
  2. Why I choose this word?
  3. What am I willing to do to create that feeling?
  4. Something that can trigger me and stress me out today is?
  5. How would a focused and energized me handle that.
  6. Someone I can call or send a message to today to show my appreciation?

There is more but we can start with these. Now they might sound corny and they are. I felt the same when I started. But it gives you focus and helps you handle what the day throws at you.


If we start dealing with the daily stresses, we will have less stress and our mental focus will be stronger leading us to start exercising again or more. Getting out of that RUT and using fitness to help you have a better quality of life rather than something that is stressing you or stressing you more because you have not done it.

If you have not already, get a sweat on today and enjoy some exercise. Set yourself up for tomorrows win and get back on track.



The world will balance itself out and you want to be fighting fit when it does.

Have a great week.


Stephen Kinsella


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