5 Essentials for CrossFit

5 pieces of gear to make you look and perform at your best!


1) Footwear

Before you embark or have embarked upon your new CrossFit obsession, consider ditching the traditional overly cushioned athletic shoes. Doing squats in a pair of squishy-heeled shoes designed for running can be potentially dangerous and needlessly hard work. The first CrossFit essential has to be the shoes! Consider one of the many minimalist shoes such as Innov-8s, new balance or reebok. Converse are also good for everything other than everyone’s favourite running! Then if you are like me and like having a huge collection of shoes purchase a pair of Olympic lifting shoes to take any unnecessary movement on the ankle or foot you may have from heavy squats or snatches and feel more stabilised and you one day could be the next Rich Froning!


2) Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are another Crossfit essential for those Olympic lifts you’ll be doing during your next WOD. If you’re like me and most other CrossFitters, you’ve probably experienced some pain in the wrist from going overhead with heavy weights.  This is a common thing and can be helped with some taping of the wrist.  I recently saw a blog post about the benefits of using wrist wraps so I decided to give them a try.  Now, tape WILL definitely work, but you sometimes run into problems such as taping to tight or to loose, not comfortable, etc.

I recently bought a pair of Wrist Wraps and I have to say I like them quite a bit.  They are very sturdy and much easier to put on then tape.  They provide great support to my wrist and make going overhead with a heavy load much more comfortable.  If you have wrist problems I would recommend getting a pair. They not only work but you look like a badass who means business!


3) Mobility, Rollers and Balls!

People often spend a lot of their time training but tend to stray when it comes to stretching and mobility. Two pieces of mobility kit you should invest in is a foam roller and therapy ball. There is hundreds of videos on youtube explaining how to keep mobile and the mobility WOD from Kelly Starrett if the best out there.

Staying lose after training is vital to your performance and results so make sure you invest in these items  to help avoid the DOMS the next day.


4) A Journal

Names and scores on the board, please!”

How many times have you heard a trainer say this phrase at the end of a workout? I’ll tell you – the exact amount of times you have worked out there. Every time you workout, we encourage you to write down how you did, what you did, who you worked out with. This fuels the competitive aspect of Crossfit – scores posted are scores meant to be broken which means harder work, better intensity and improved work capacity. So why not record them for yourself along with your diet, how you slept, and any other factors that may have affected you that day. Again easily customised to suit what you want a journal is an essential part of any CrossFitters life


5) Hand care

We have all been there. Yes, I know its a “badge of honor,” but tearing your hands just plain hurts.  Tearing your hands is not functional one bit. We all eat healthy and work hard, we don’t have time for ripped up hands. Take care of your calluses on a daily basis. There are some movements or WODs that will give your hands a run for their money, but if you’re prepared for it you will be less likely to get a hole in your hand.

Also, that magical strength pixie dust we all know as chalk is great.  However, use it sparingly.  Chalk dries your hands, which in turn adds grip.  Too much chalk makes your hands much more susceptible to tears.

What you need!

* Some kind or emery board/nail file or pumice stone.

* Hand balm the wax kind. don’t use normal moisturizer.

*  Jaw grip which I find personally the best to use when my hands are tender.

What about gloves? well I have tried every style, type of glove and have never found any gloves that do the job. Gloves are a last resort but are unnecessary if you take care of your hands.



Where to you get all these items?

There is many companies out there but I find that Kit Box has the largest range and best prices check out their site and get the essential KIT to keep you getting results at your Box.


Have a great work-out, better day and awesome week.


Coach Dave


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