Women’s Only Training

Women’s Only Training:

Ever felt self-conscious going to a crowded, Commercial gym? Relax. Every private Women’s Only session is fun–and designed specifically for you. Our sessions are all lead by an experienced personal trainer. Our training is not only private; it also brings faster results because it’s customised.

At FSM our Sessions in mid morning are just for Women, we believe that health and fitness is a journey — not a destination! We also know how busy life can be, especially for women who tend to take care of everyone else and put their own needs aside (like finding time to get in some exercise).

A focus on women’s fitness
Our 1 Hour, small group, certified trainer-instructed sessions provide an efficient, yet effective workout incorporating both weight training and Conditioning such as Kettlebells,Bodyweight Exercises and Tabata (i.e., interval cardio). Our members include women of all ages and fitness levels. As a small group training facility, we provide an un-intimidating, clean and comfortable environment. We work hard, but have a lot of fun along the way!

Group size per session is limited to five women. To get your first workout for free, email us or call 087-980-8011. Walk-ins are welcome, space permitting.

What are you looking for?

  • Lose weight
  • Improve your muscle-to-fat ratio
  • Improve muscle tone and mass
  • Improve flexibility, strength and balance
  • Fit into your clothes better
  • Have more energy
  • Be able to run after your kids (or grandkids)
  • Manage stress
  • Improve or maintain your overall health
  • Work out when the kids are in school

What Our Members Say:

Here is what some of the ladies have to say about the programmeme!

“It’s more focused on the individual, adjustments can be made to what each person while doing the specific exercises programmemed that day. The satisfying feeling of having a more tailored programmeme to my needs. I also like the female-only sessions.

“Smaller class size with a lot more one on one attention. There is more emphasis on how to do each exercise the right way, you can go at your own pace and more space to do the exercises. I like that it is a smaller group, I feel more comfortable and there is more attention put on the way you are moving and they are being corrected appropriately”


“Due to the nature of surgeries in 2015 I have to be particularly careful about movements away from my body (throwing, for example). I have found myself reluctant to do such movements and there is no problem with this.

However, I am delighted to be back doing wall balls and am chuffed about this – both from a fitness aspect and more importantly from a renewed confidence in my body and its strength.

I really like the semi-private training. Due to surgeries two years ago I have to be careful and this class allows that without me worrying that I’m slowing anyone else down because I’m doing a different exercise to everyone else.

This semi-private class works because the coach is interested and informed, motivated when I’m not and generous with tips and praise, while not afraid to gently challenge/nudge me to do my best.”


“The biggest difference is that I am learning loads and not left to my own devices, risking injury. I am feeling stronger all of the time. I can now hold a plank, in compasion I could barely hold 10 seconds when I started. I come out of every session ready to take on the day. I really miss it if I can’t go! I love the variety of the sessions, it’s always different and fresh challenges all of the time”

I started in FSM last year.  I fell and as falls go I did it without style. Strapped up told to rest it for 8 weeks possible surgery. Body shook, confidence battered I envisaged my usual road no more gym depression anxiety would take over.
I’ve spent the last 3 months with a wonderful trainer.  He assured me the broken bone was not going to hamper training.  He adapted every session with mindfulness to never interfere with the wrist healing but yet not hampering any gains I had made as much as possible. I was in safe and professional hands. My confidence not only remained intact it has grown and soared.  I trust my body to move in all circumstances now even if physically impaired.
The semi private class is where I learnt the true depths of the support and resources in FSM and therefore in my own body.
If ever you feel the need to slow the pace from main class or you are starting out on your fitness journey step into this class for awhile you won’t be sorry. I am returning to main classes in September with a Stronger mind and body.

Having zero experience lifting weights, I was very daunted by the thought of joining the gym or FSM for that matter! I joined from hearing great things from a friend. For me coming from zero experience, having individual input from the coach was invaluable! I was able to take my time on areas I needed to take my time to understand and develop technique. The coaching environment is very relaxed, whilst encouraging us to drive on and push our bodies to do things we never did before.

I loved being part of the women’s only group. It was a small group with fantastic support, friendship and comradery, I would highly recommend it!


Semi Private Personal Training is a very effective and more affordable form of training. Here are six reasons why you should join a semi private programmeme as opposed to the average kettlebell or spinning class.

1. You’ll learn proper form and technique.
2. Say No to boredom.
3. Results, not weight.
4. Look good in the mirror.
5. Train with like-minded people                                                                                                                                                            

If you only have an hour to train, you really need something that gets EVERYTHING in that hour (stretching, mobility, cardio and strength work) and you get to show up without having to worry or plan about what you’re going to do. That’s down to your coach to take care of it.

FSM Women’s Only Training takes place at FSM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 10.30am.

If you live in the North Wicklow area, and want to try it out for yourself, get in contact with the team for a free callback to get you started!


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