The Pied Piper of CrossFit Episode #8

Episode #8

Kevin Don is travelling the globe one CrossFit at a time holding FREE deadlift seminars.

Kevin  had contacted me a few months ago asking could he drop into FSM and coach his deadlift workshop for FREE. At first I thought what is the catch? But after talking with Kevin and checking out his blog and Facebook profile I quickly understood that Kevin was genuine.

CrossFit is famous for the community but to travel the world and host FREE workshops is a concept that few if any would consider doing.

After spending time in CrossFit Norcal and working and training with games champion Jason Khalipa and his team he went off to Hong Kong to run an affiliate and work to grow a bigger community along the way.

Kevin started to realize that many people he met through fitness/ CrossFit had suffered with depression and he quickly started to understand that CrossFit was providing an outlet for people suffering with depression and that the time spent in a CrossFit was creating a positive and supportive environment for these people and helping them deal with their personal problems. This is something that Kevin plans to work on and create awareness around the world.

When Kevin finished up work in Hong Kong he decided to share his experience with as many people he could and decided to travel to as many CrossFit’s around the world offering a FREE deadlift clinics sharing his knowledge and experience to anyone willing to learn. He held two workshop here at FSM if my memory serves me right another 5 in Ireland.

In the course of his journey Kevin has been all over Europe, England, Scotland, Wales, Sweden Ireland and back currently in the US. It was great to have Kevin on the show but unfortunately we did not get to discuss the topic of depression as we were stuck for time.

I will leave you with this. Kevin Don is a unique individual and what he is doing is amazing. I was honored to have this man coach the FSM crew and look forward to seeing what is to come from the travelling CrossFit coach.

You can find more about Kevin on his blog

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