The Cards you are Dealt!

We are not all born perfect in his Image. His image?

I’m not religious but having faith in someone or something can be the difference between success and failure.

This is not about religion or faith; this is about getting the best out of your body.

Let’s begin!

We all come into this world kicking and screaming, this is the miracle of life. But we are not all equal. Some of us are small, tall, fat, skinny, fully limbed, blind, mentally disabled, physically disabled. These are The Cards You’re Dealt, harsh I know.

Face facts everyone has some issues and most people have something limiting the movement when it comes to exercise. We are not always born with these limitations. Most of them we pick up through bad lifestyle.

I have seen people train hard eat right and still not reach the top of their game. I know people that eat crap, train when they feel like it and win most things the try. This is reality and we cannot change it.

So why should I try?

As I said before, “life is hard and everything worth having take’s time and hard work”

“Life is a journey not a destination” Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you let the 10% get to you because they have abs or the ass you want then you will never be happy with yourself. Take me for example. I was an overweight kid and wanted to be lean and strong. I ran, played basketball, eat very little and got skinny (NOT LEAN). I also managed to limit my hip and calf flexibility through a lack of education and understanding of why I should stretch out after training or sports.

I gain weight easy so this means I have to watch my food and train harder than the next guy. For some time I taught that was not fair. Why me? Poor me? Shut the F##k up and get over it.

I might as well get pissed off that my parents were not millionaire. Put into perspective I had a very good and stable upbringing. I never wanted for the real important things in life and also learned the value of working hard to achieve my goals.

When it comes to lifting weights, CrossFit, running, rowing and sports we have a potential to excel beyond our wildest dreams. It’s been done, You just have to watch any Disney feel good true story like Rudy, Remember The Titans, Coach Carter and so on…………

Let’s Break it down

If you need to come in early to stretch out the hips
Perform a mobility programme every morning and evening
Train another hour a week to get stronger/faster
Train smarter because of age
Be stricter on your diet
Get out of bed @ 5am because your day is full with other commitments
You can do so much with what you have been given and don’t let your limitations get in the way.

Understand this; If you are not happy with yourself than take the necessary steps to change it. You might have to do or sacrifice more than the other person but hey that’s life.

I read a book 7 years ago called “No Excuses” by Kyle Maynard. If you have never read this book I highly recommend that you do. After you have read this you will understand that no matter the obstacles put in your way you can achieve great things:



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