Taking time to talk with the next generation of trainers

Since we opened the door at FSM our mission has been to help our clients achieve amazing results but that is just one aspect of what the Functional Strength Movement is all about.

In March we held 2 workshops with year 1 and year 2 personal trainers form the Local BIFE college. The purpose of the workshop was to explain how the industry works in real life, understanding the pit falls and the cycle of education that every trainer will inevitably go through.

It was two great days full of great information and question from this new bunch of recruits coming into the industry. I received a mail a week later asking me to do another talk this coming term and along with that was a review from the course coordinator Charlie Batt.

[blockquote id=”” class=”” style=”” align=”center” author=”Charlie Batt” affiliation=”BIFE” affiliation_url=””]“Stephen the students love the work shop, it really opened their eyes as to how hard they will have to work in order to achieve their gaols in life. I would like to thank you for taking the time to work with these groups, in the 13 years I have been working in BIFE not one leisure provider our sporting association has taken the time to give the students at the college ” something for nothing “. You didnt just give them something, you gave them you ten years of experience in the industry and a big reality check. There is a different focus this week with them, they have stepped up a gear in relation to their college work”[/blockquote]


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