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Women’s Only Training

Women’s Only Training: Ever felt self-conscious going to a crowded, Commercial gym? Relax. Every private Women’s Only session is fun–and designed specifically for you. Our sessions

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FSM Kids Home Workout #1

FSM Kids home workout #1 At FSM will pride ourselves on adding value to our members. Our kids are no different. We have created these

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Jody Kennedy Episode #35

From Bootcamp to CrossFit and now an independent coach helping people move and live a better way life. Jody Kennedy’s evolution in coaching is a

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Home Workout Ideas

So days like today when you have no other option, what can you do? Some days you just cant commit or make it to the

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FSM Nutrition 101

“The Simply Approach to Long Term Nutrition Success” At FSM we believe training and nutrition should be made as simple as possible. With the ever

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