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It’s our goal isn’t it? To be happy within our bodies …even after 1,2,3 or more children!

It may sound farfetched, unbelievable, impossible. Maybe you’ve tried to get your body back before and failed. I can understand you might be sceptical.

But let me tell you, you must banish that scepticism now, because it’s keeping you from the body of your dreams.
Why believe what we say?

Well, as the premier health and fitness facility in town, we have literally helped hundreds of mums, just like you, reclaim their body after having kids.

In fact, some of our clients even look better now than they did in their teens!

And this does not just apply to mums! You could be in your late 20s,30s, 40s and finding the weight hard to shift, then keep an eye for the next few tips over the coming weeks, as this will help you too!

It’s not magic, and it’s not rocket science. Just follow these seven steps, and you too can have a body that you want – no matter how many kids or what age you are!

# 1 Eating Right

When you’re pregnant you are literally eating for two. Problem is, after the baby, sometimes old habits die hard. So, it’s important you jump on nutrition before anything else.

What you should NOT do is diet. The human body was designed for dieting. Your internal system works perfectly as it is, but dieting throws everything out of sync.

Not only is it dangerous in some cases, it also does not make for lasting results, because you simply can’t diet your whole life.

The secret is just eating right.

Getting into a good routine is crucial. For starters, commit to eating SIX times a day. Doesn’t sound right if you’re trying to lose weight, but six times a day is the perfect number.

Three healthy snacks, three square meals

With a routine like this you are never hungry(so you don’t overeat at main meals) and you’ll always have plenty of energy, making it easier to live your life – and exercise, which we’ll talk about next.

One big tip for making healthy eating easy is putting together a weekly meal plan.

With a plan you always know what you’re going to eat and when so you shouldn’t run short on food and need to get fast food, or cook unhealthy microwave meals.

Stick your plan somewhere you’ll see it.

Link to our FREE nutrition plan HERE.



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