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Episode #20 Today on the show I get to catch up with Louis Pearson founder of Oly Clothing.

4 Years ago I first met Louis on FSM RX’D PODCAST when Oly Clothing was noting more than a Idea and 10 T-shirts.

Over the past 4 year Louis and his team have consistently worked to make Oly Clothing a house hold name in Ireland.

His passion for what he does stood out to me 4 years ago and it is great to see him achieve so many of the goals he set out to achieve when we spoke back then.

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Not only designing quality swag Oly Clothing supports some of the best Irish Athletes going to the CrossFIt Games, makes some very cool and funny vlogs and has just started their own podcast.

To find out more about Oly Clothing click the links below and sign up to there Monday Mantra on the Oly website.




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