The One Fitness Goal You Need.

The One Fitness Goal You Need

Know Your Numbers – Key to getting results in 2017

Happy New Year!

2017 has begun and most people have decided to make this year the fittest to date. I see this year on year, people sign up to new gyms, new coaches, new diets and go all in while the motivation is high. As we all know the January motivation doesn’t last and old habits creep back in and we start slacking on our January 1st goals until 2018 when we are motivated again.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It’s not the programme, the coach or the gym. It’s you and your ability to be consistent with your training.

So, here is a simple and EASY approach for you to get the best results in 2017.

Know your numbers, that’s it. If you follow our Instagram, you will notice we always post #365reuslts

So, what is it?

There are 365 days in each year, to get consistent results you need to be exercising for a minimum of 156 days. That works out as 3 day per week. The problem in January is most people do too much and burn out. Your health is a long game and instead of going all in with 4-5 even 6 days per week. Just do 3 days.

No matter your goal,

  • Drop 10 pounds of fat
  • Drop a dress size
  • Run a 5k
  • Have more energy
  • Be happy with your body

This simple plan no matter the goal will give you a stress-free approach to your training and the long term results we all want. Image going into 2018 not having to think about getting in shape because your already there.

How to get started?

Buy a calendar (put it on the fridge) or use your phone. I find the calendar is better as a visual tool. Each week pick the 3 days you are going to exercise. Don’t worry about what you plan to do. Just make sure your doing something.

Bonus: if you end up getting a 4th day in Awesome but you did the 3 days and that is the goal.

If you exercise 3 times per week you will see results. Anything less will give little to no results. Now let’s look at building on this and creating a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s the plan!

January: 3 days per week = 12 sessions a month

February: 3 days per week = 12 sessions a month

March: two 3 days per week and two 4 days per week =14 a month

April: one 3 day per week and three 4 days per week = 15 a month (half of your month is active)

May: 4 days per week = 16 days per month

June: 3 days per week = 12 session a per month (Bonus session can happen with good weather)

July: 3 days per week = 12 sessions

August: 3 days per week = 12 sessions

September: 4 days per week = 16 session

October: 4 days per week = 16 session

November: two 3 days per week and two 4 days per week =14 a month

December: 3 days per week = 12 sessions ( well it is silly season)


Total for the year 163 training session. That’s almost half of the year not including any bonus session you do.


Each month there is different numbers as we all have busy times in our lives. But the goal is always a minimum 12 session per month.

If you train already you can up your days. The breakdown for days is below

3 day a week = 156 sessions per year

4 days a week = 208 sessions per week (exercising more than half the year)

5 days per week = 260 sessions per week (awesome work and you a going to be super fit)

No matter your exercise goals in 2017 if you know and stick to your numbers you will see consistent long term results.

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Thank you for reading.

Stephen Kinsella



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