Nutrition is Fat – Positive Negative Body Image

Nutrition is FAT.

Yep you heard me FAT. There is by far way to many experts, gurus and snake oil sales men/women telling you that this way and that way it the best diet/eating plan for amazing results. For the most part they all do what they say on the cover. But generally they are not sustainable long term.

From one extreme to another.                                                                                                                                  Body shaming was a big way to promote diets for the past 20 years. My new favorite trend of loving yourself no matter what, even if you are unhappy with your body. To the extent that its not OK to be unhappy with how you look. Originally you should feel shit about yourself for being over weight and now you should feel shit for not liking yourself when you are over weight or unfit.

Let me explain.                                                                                                                                                           You should love yourself and be happy with your body no matter what. You are amazing and beautiful and all the sugar coated candy rainbow bullshit that goes with it. NO NO NO NO for God sake no. Its ok to not like how you look and feel in your body. Its ok to want to make a change lose weight, drop body fat and look and feel better. Its ok to stand in front of a mirror naked and not like what you see. WHY? that is reality and as much as reality can be harsh it is real. Then you can except yourself, hold yourself accountable and start making changes to become a happier person.

Speaking with a client the other day I happened to have a light bulb moment. Have you see the film “INSIDE OUT” Its a children’s animation film about emotions and feelings. The bulk of the movie was about a main character Joy (positive extreme) trying to keep everything happy and  smiley for everyone and not allowing Sadness (Negative extreme) to do anything because nobody wants to be sad. But by the end of the movie you understand that without sadness or being unhappy we cant really make changes. Its a balancing act, the movie will explain it better than i can.

The point/rant I am making here is in order for you to make real changes in how you look and feel about food and in general health and fitness you need to except yourself even if it means not being happy with how your look and feel right now.

Eating healthy does not need to be extreme, hard and shameful the way a lot of people are making it out to be. In fact eating healthy and enjoying life while getting results is possible. You just got to take a step back and start from the beginning.

In our up coming mini video series we will be giving you insights into taking the right small steps to getting big results. We will be starting with prepping food and making small easy changes for big long term results.

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