New “U” Nutrition Testimonial – Leanne Keane


Leanne Keane

I have been working with Dave at New “U” Nutrition and actively looking at my food intake for the past 9 months or so. Firstly, in a bid to eat more calories than my body needed in a bid to gain muscle mass and improve performance in the gym. Followed by my current programme of “dieting” (eating less calories than my body needs) in a bid to reduce body fat.

As it stands I have been in the “dieting” phase for around 11 weeks and have lost 10lbs, averaging 1lb per week, hitting my lowest body weight in over 4 years.

While I was the one doing the “work”, having Dave to guide me along the way is what made me stick to it and ultimately get the results I have.

For the most part we used my fitness pal to establish how many calories I was eating and to ensure I was eating enough protein. However, there were times of stress in my personal life when Dave told me to stop tracking, eat intuitively and focus as much as I could on food quality (ie aim for healthier options as much as I could, don’t worry about counting calories).

Knowing I had to report back to him at the end of each week, made sure I stuck to the plan, kinda like your teacher checking your homework in school- accountability. He would ask how I found the week, any obstacles I had, whether I was feeling hungry or full and asked me what steps I was going to take to plan for the week ahead. It was never a diet plan as I was eating the foods that I enjoy but having the accountability, the check ins and the plan for the coming week, just gave it structure and made it super easy to stick to. Based on whether or not I was making progress, he would suggest increasing, decreasing or maintain the calorie level.

There was always room for a birthday, a meal out and of course Christmas and not once have I felt like iv actually “dieted”. We were able to identify things that caused me to bloat and inhibit digestion and find alternative options. I used progress pictures, the scales at home and the inbody scanner in the gym to monitor progress. Even things like noting the condition of my skin and my moods helped me hugely in recognising the different foods and how my body reacted to them.

In the past 9 months iv had a take away weekly (including the odd chipper and even a mc Donalds 🙈), chocolate most nights and bread regularly, all of which iv felt 100% comfortable reporting back, knowing I would never be shamed or given out to like on previous weight loss journeys.

It’s not just his knowledge, advice and countless new recipes I received that led me to success but rather his ability to relate to me as a person and work with and around my lifestyle.

Genuinely, I would recommend Dave and New “U” Nutrition to anyone that needs help with their goals, whether it be to gain muscle mass, lose body fat in a way that they can stick to for life or simply just improve their nutrition to feel better in every day life.

Great work Leanne, hard work & consistency pays off.

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