March Monthly Mantra

We often spend time looking at the big goals that will take time, effort and consistency. These goals are great but in order to climb a mountain we must first take a step.

A lot of us forget the small battles we win each day, helping us move forward in life. It is these small battles that we do daily no matter our energy or motivation.  

  • Get out of bed  – start your day
  • Drink water
  • Brush your teeth
  • Have a shower

These are all little battles we win most days. But they did not just happen. We worked on them for years as our parents held us accountable for getting these small wins in each day.

  • Don’t get out of bed – Wasting your day and too much sleep will make you more tired!
  • Don’t drink water – Hydration helps the body move and stay alert!
  • Don’t brush your teeth – Good oral health is essential and nobody wants to smell your breath.
  • Don’t have a shower – Hygiene 101 plus you always feel better after a shower, bonus points if it’s a cold shower.

A lot of these little battles are habits formed over years.

I often here people say they can’t do something, but they would love to do it. What they mean to say is they Like the idea of it but have no desire to earn it.

Putting the work in and earning your results is the only way to achieve them. You want 10 good push-ups you have got to become stronger. Wishing it does not make it so.

Run your first 5k, 10k, Marathon takes time and dedication. You need to build the miles and fitness.

99% of people that come to FSM have pretty much the same goal. Want to drop some fat, feel healthier and become fit and strong. I am still yet to meet the members that joins FSM 100% happy with their weight, performance and general health. We all want to improve ourselves and this is normal and good.

I had a conversation with a guy on the phone Yesterday at 12.11pm.

James booked a call with me. The reason he booked a call was he was unhappy, He gained weight, has no energy and no motivation to exercise. Even though he knows exercise will help him feel better.

I asked a few questions and all I kept hearing back was.

  1. I don’t have the energy.
  2. I don’t have the time
  3. I don’t have the motivation.
  4. I don’t have the space.

Once he finished telling me all the reasons why he (poor me syndrome) cannot exercise I asked him about work.

James works 5 days a week for 8-9 hours a day doing a job that in his own words he does not enjoy all that much. When I asked why he does it he said the money.

James is not motivated to get up everyday excited to go to work. He does it because there is a result at the end. Money in the bank to spend on things that make him happy.

James has to win a weekly battle doing a job he does not enjoy for the result of money. But when it comes to work, like James most of us run on auto pilot and do not need inspiration / motivation to get up and go we just do.

James wants to exercise but he kept putting up reasons why he can’t do it. Creating his own obstacles when it comes to exercise.

So, I asked him the following questions.

  1. Do you want more energy?
  2. Do you want to drop some weight?
  3. Do you have 10 Minutes today?
  4. Can you lie down on the floor in any room in the house ( I asked this because he said he had no room to exercise)

He said yes to all those questions. James wants to change.

I’m going to hang up the phone and call me or text me back in 20 minutes. During that time, please do the following.

10 Min EMOM

  1. 15 Squats in the first minute
  2. 8-10 Burpees in the second minute

Do that now and call me back.

Before the 20 minutes was up James text the phone.

“That was tough, but I Loved it. I’ve been really stressed out and could not get my head round doing anything. Thanks for the chat.

This literally happened Yesterday.

 James is now set for 5 workouts before next Thursday.

If you have been giving yourself the excuses not to exercise like James, ask yourself the questions I asked him.

Every day we win small battles that do not require a motivational speech. Exercise and eating healthy is no different. You need to train the habit and win small battles each day in order to win and earn the results further down the road.

Your fitness and health require Equity. You need to put TIME (equity) into your fitness to achieve the results you want. For a lot of us right now our equity investment is lower than we would like. But we can always add 10 minutes extra per day to start building it back up.

Have a great day!

Stephen Kinsella


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