Investing in a coach is possibly one of the best things you can do to help you achieve goals and stay challenged. But investing in your coaches shows you have confidence in their ability to help you.

I have been working in the fitness industry for 17 years and I have had the pleasure to work with, learn from and train beside some of the best coaches and humans in the world. From Strength & Conditioning coaches, National Powerlifting champions, Pro boxers, Weightlifting legends and CrossFIt Games athletes.

I spent a lot of time and money working with these people to better myself and keep me driven and focused to achieve my goals. This got me thinking…! Why don’t I work with the people I trust to work with the FSM members?

Back Story:

In august of 2019 I was competing in the final of the Powerful Invitational and collapsed in a handstand walk and smashed my shoulder resulting in nerve issues and numbness of my right arm for a week. Three weeks after the incident I had lot most of the muscle and power in my back, shoulder and arm. I could not perform a push up, pull-up or even bicep curl a 5kg dumbbell.

I have had injuries, but this was the biggest set back I have had when it came to my training.

When I was ready to start training, I started to look around for coaches to help me get back to my old self. At the same time, we were having some issues at FSM, questions being asked about our coaches and their ability which was stemming from an underling issues which I allowed to influence our community. Thankfully that issues was resolved quickly.

Honestly, I was taken back when I heard this and set out to assure members that I would never put a coach on the floor if I did not have the utmost confidence in them to coach all our members. I knew I had to fix this issue and show our members our team go above and beyond when coaching.

I am happy to say this is no longer an issue and we have actually grown our membership by a 3rd since then. Sometime bad things happen to make you better.

Making the Connection:

I was sitting in my office thinking of how to get back to training and who I would get to be my coach? Then it hit me. The FSM coaches, I trust them with our members so why not me. This is how my rehab and rebuilding my body started.

I sat down with all coaches and announced that I will be hiring them to coach me in 8-week blocks. They will coach me 2-3 times per week and hold me accountable for training and achieving my goals.

First up to coach me was “Lee Gibson”  If Lee had a definition he would = Energy. Lee’s goal was to get me back to basic strength and fitness levels.

The Start:

Day 1 and I believe Lee tried to kill me…. I was knocked on my ass and them some. I think both us didn’t realize the extent of the damage done to my shoulder and back.

I had 1 pull-up on a good day and 3 push-ups. Pull-ups where my JAM and having to go back to assisted was a huge ego hit and I found it very hard and humbling to need assistance for something I used to pride myself on. Push-ups I was burning out after 3 reps, relying on negative reps to finish sets. I was frustrated, angry at myself and to be honest with you I almost quit.

Lee kept repeating what I would say to clients and what we say to our members. “This is where you are, your point A. You will on get better if you work on it and stop thinking about what you could do. The Past is not NOW”

I knew Lee was right, but I still hated where I was.

The Mental Change:

Week after week he pushed me for the extra rep. I remember in week 4 I did 8 Push-ups and I was so happy with myself. That was when I realised that every rep and every workout was a success and was something to celebrate. So we celebrated every extra rep and weight increase.

Coach Lee helped me back from a horrible injury and here is some of the achievements he helped me get.

12 Push-ups

8 Pull-ups

Bicep curl 12.5kg for 3 x 8

Deadlift 210kg

Strict Press 25kg for 10

He also started getting my fitness back. With a horrible sled work and med ball box jumps……..

Without a shadow of a doubt Coach Lee helped my recover physically and mentally and set the foundation for me to get back to the level of strength I used to be.

When I was training with Lee I was not the owner of FSM, not and employer or friend. I was the client and I listened to everything (even if I might have questioned somethings) and did what was asked from me. He said “Just do the work and the results will come”

Lee Gibson is a fantastic coach and he will only get better as he keeps learning and working with more and more clients.

The purpose of that 8 weeks was to rebuild the basic strength so I can move into and new cycle of training. This was achieved and more.

Now I am working with Coach David Lacey for 8 week developing my conditioning levels which he said are a 4 out of 10 and getting me strong enough to start handstands and muscle ups again.

I will keep you posted on my progress and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

I have always stood by my coaches and backed them 100% this just confirms what I already knew. If you are a member at FSM you are in safe hands. Turn up and put in the work. The coaches will always be there to help guide you.

If your not a member and want to work with coaches that care about your journey and success then I suggest you contact FSM and come meet the team.

Till nest time

Coach Stephen


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