Five Obstacles Holding Mum’s Back From Results (Part 3)

Five Obstacles holding Mum’s Back From Getting Results 3/5

Obstacle 3 – Too Much Mindless Snacking In The Kitchen During The Day


I can’t tell you how many times I have had a Mom who has “been following the nutrition plan” with limited success to later find out there were
some extra eats and treats in the mix. You know, I know what you’re talking about. It wasn’t that they were being dishonest about it- rather most people don’t count every snack, candy, or “piece” of food they eat (even if the piece ends up being an entire meal).

Think about it – how many people do you see randomly snacking? Now imagine how many times you have popped something in your mouth and haven’t logged it in and now you can see what’s going on. Right?

Solution – Many moms spend LOTS of time in the kitchen around tasty food all day- and they eat a lot more of it than they realize!

I know, I know- you have to sample the goods to know if it’s good. But, you need to understand that the occasional taste test can sabotage your fat loss goals.

Furthermore, moms get into trouble with the multiple snacks their children have, and of course it’s tough to pass on food when it’s always in your face. A couple goldfish here, a couple goldfish there, and before you know it you’ve just killed the entire bag of wonderful fishes sure to fatten your waistline.
My advice is to guard your mouth with lock and key. Ask yourself every time you bring something close to your lips the following question: “Will this help me reach my goal?”

If NO – then throw it away or leave it be, it just ain’t good for ya!


If you have missed the first two tips. Here they are Part 1, Part 2.



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