Episode #5 we chat to Amiee Patchell about her Blog the Primal Piggy

Amiee is a cool funky chic and her story is one of inspiration, hard work and rewards. Amiee was not always into fitness and openly talks about her wild years of chasing the night and drinking to excess.

In this interview Amiee talks about how she turned her life around and started her journey to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

What will resonates with most people is that Amiee’s journey did not happen overnight it was a long process going from having no energy been unfit, lethargic and even though she was a vegetarian  she was slowly becoming more unhealthy and sick due to the lifestyle she was leading. But with the help of good friends and great coaches she did a 180 with her life and would not look back.

Once Amiee got her fitness and nutrition on track she began the Primal Piggy blog and has grown it to be one of the best blogs in Ireland full with inspirational stories and awesome recipes.

We had a lot of fun making this episode and after you watch it go check this girl out on her blog or Instagram Primal Piggy.


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