COLM O’REILLY 9 years of CrossFit Ireland

Episode #9 Part 1

We call out to the NEW CrossFit Ireland facility and catch up with Colm O’Reilly Co-owner and head coach. Colm has been on the CrossFit seen since 2007 and for anyone that was around social media was bebo and that’s where I first found CFI.

Colm was the first affiliate owner in Ireland and CFI was originally located in Tallaght in a upstairs room over a carpentry business (if my memory is correct) He held the first competitions  know as the CrossFit invitational and helped to grow CrossFit from something a hand full of people did to 70 plus facilities in Ireland.



In this episode we talk about the old days and how hard it was to get started and grow a facility compared to now where CrossFits open with all the bells and whistles instead of the bare bones start-ups you used to see.

Colm will be the first to admit opening and running a CrossFit is not easy, there has been ups and downs along the way but as you will see Colm has come out of it a better person and coach.

As one of the original CrossFit coaches in Ireland there is a lot you can learn and take away from Colms experience as a coach, owner and person.

If you want to know more about CrossFit Ireland or Colm you can check out the website at or follow them on instagram at

Grab the coffee and sit back and enjoy the show.



Part two coming this Friday


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