Better results than a kettlebell or spinning class

Better results than a kettlebell or spinning class…

Semi Private Personal Training is a very effective and more affordable form of training. Here are six reasons why you should join a semi private programmeme as opposed to the average kettlebell or spinning class.

1. You’ll learn proper form and technique.
A good programme will be a linear one and will allow you to start learning

the basic lifts and exercises. Then over time developing the movement. Often in a fitness class, there are so many people, that you do not get the attention you deserve. Due to the smaller numbers in a semi private programme you get the attention and this encourages better form and technique over time as the trainer can focus on you!

2. Say No to boredom.
Sessions will always be different and unpredictable. Say goodbye to the same spinning or pump class. The variety will keep the body guessing and result in a greater mental and physical stimulus. The Programme should have a good balance and not just there to make you sweat.

3. Results, not weight.
A good programmeme will get you worried equally about your performance and important measurable goals such as body fat, strength, the ability to do more work more efficiently and quicker. Too many are worried about what number is on the scales which is often a poor indicator of where you are unless you are overweight.

4. Look good in the mirror.
Looking good isn’t just about how much you weigh. In fact, it’s not about that at all!! It’s about your “body composition” – your muscle versus fat. Think about it this way – if you just keep trying to strip away fat then eventually you’ll end up looking like someone dumped a big ill-fitting dress on a tiny model, because there’s no curves or contours.

Instead, if you want a perky butt, and curves in the RIGHT places you must build them – and guess what? You do that with fundamental strength movements like squats, deadlifts and presses, some gymnastics and mobility to help you perform the movements with more ease and efficiency not swinging a 5kg kettlebell that is pink and you buy off a t.v ad.

5. Train with like-minded people.

Commercial gyms are lonely. You often show up every day, and see the same people all the time, but no one ever says hello to each other or throws a high 5 your way when you smash a workout. This can suck the fun out of the gym. The best part about training in a semi private group is that you all go through it together. No egos, No headphones, no mirrors. Just hard work, camaraderie and community.
Money cannot buy this.

6. Time Efficient.
I touched earlier on training in a normal gym can be boring and lonely, but it’s also a waste of time. By the time, you get in, pick what you’re going to do, and jump on the treadmill for thirty minutes, you’ve wasted a lot more than you should have.

If you only have an hour to train, you really need something that gets EVERYTHING in that hour (stretching, mobility, cardio and strength work) and you get to show up without having to worry or plan about what you’re going to do. That’s down to your coach to take care of it.

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