Dan has been a member of FSM for 10 months and was very skeptical when he walk through the doors. Over the last 10 months Dan has become a gym favorite as he is always entertaining and makes classes that more fun, even if he is giving out or trying to hide down the back.

He has come on leaps and bounds regarding strength and mobility which would be one of Dans weaknesses. In the last month Dan has really put in the extra effort to get better results  and has taken our Nutrition plan on 100%. 

We asked Dan 10 question about his journey in CrossFit. 

1)     How did you get involved in CrossFit?

A couple of my friends had started it and they were making good progress so I thought I’d give it a go. I can honestly say it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made regarding my fitness. 


2)     When did you first join FSM

 I joined Crossfit late last year 


3)     What was your first WOD in the main classes?

 I can’t really recall my first WOD, I’m just thankful it’s wasn’t the triangle run… That would have put me right off!! The main thing I do remember from my first class is how welcoming everyone was – which is what makes FSM so great. 


4)    When did you realize Crossfit was right for you?

I realised this very early on- I’d been in regular gyms (achieving nothing) for years and the biggest struggle was finding the motivation to actually go, whereas with Crossfit you actually get annoyed with yourself if you don’t go. A big plus for FSM Bray has to be the coaches – they really do want you to succeed and get better.


5)    What are your short term goals?

 In the short term I’d like to get some decent overhead squats and increase my flexibility which is a big challenge for me. I must say i really do enjoy the Thursday class, it’s a great addition to the programmeme and you feel great after it… Even though my flexibility is shocking.


6)     Long term goals?

 Increase my fitness level but more importantly to educate myself on nutrition, I’m learning loads at the moment mainly through trail and error but I’m really enjoying it! That’s why I think FSM Bray works for me – it’s educating me in both disciplines of fitness and nutrition. 


7)     What is your favourite WOD / movement?

   My favourite WOD is the one where I can comfortably hide down the back without Chris or fergal ratting me out. However the new gym layout is making that a little bit more difficult, but I’ve a few spots identified.. 


8)    What is your least favourite WOD / movement?

 Without a shadow of a doubt – one that involves the triangle run. 


9)     Least favourite and favourite music to WOD to?

I have a varied taste in music so it usually always works for me! Just never let me be in charge of the tunes!  


10) What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

I’d have to say it’s double unders, I really thought I’d never get them and was convincing myself that I’d always be 1 double under 1 skip and so on.  



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