Episode #11 Alan Fitzpatrick is BACK!!!!

Coming off his northern Ireland tour visiting over 26 CrossFit boxes in 5 day. Alan in ramping up promotion for Ireland’s biggest Team Fitness Event “the Filthy 150”.

In its third year and even bigger than the previous years The Filthy 150 is gearing up to be the highlight of the CrossFit competition calendar.

Alan and Jamie (crossfit swords) have grown this event from humble beginnings to the big stage in less than 3 years and they have regular mention on the Grid Cast Podcast. If you were lucky enough the be at the First 150 held in Navan (I was there……)  you will see that these two guys care about every aspect of the community environment in CrossFit and Fitness in general.

Not only content with the biggest comp in Ireland Alan also runs the Grid team in Ireland “Celtic Fire” as they prepare to fly to LA for there first international match. On top of that he is expecting his first kid in September.

If you don’t know or haven’t  been in a picture with Alan there is something wrong! The Selfie king is bringing out his own book next year Called “The People Behind Me” the selfie story! only joking………….

You can find more about the Filthy 150 here at

Like and support Ireland’s own Celtic Fire

Grab a coffee and enjoy the show!



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