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Contemplating FSM’s mission and philosophy one thing I wanted to create was long term health & performance and a love of being active and making fitness a lifestyle not something you have to do. Being active through sport, fitness or play is the key to longevity and a youthful look.

Over the next 7 weeks we will be rolling out 365 Results and braking down what you need to know when looking to get the body you want for life not just the special events or holidays.

The fitness industry is full of Gym’s, Personal trainers and small group facilities catering form CrossFit, body building, yoga, sport performance and general move your body fitness. Not only that there is a diet for every day of the week month, ranging from detoxes to fat loss and muscle gain. They all have their place and work to an extent but the world and Ireland is still becoming fatter.

Why is this happening? Well first off people are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there promising the world and the body of your dreams. Secondly we are attracted to the shiny new fitness programme that will promise amazing results in 21,30,60 days and guess what they work but they are extreme and not long term. As Coach Dan John says Bus bench work-out (go to for more on this) Here is the problem as I see it, most people will put a lot on hold like spending time with friends and family and generally live like an hermit for the duration of the programme. Once the programme is completed and you got the killer abs for the pictures then everyday life creeps back in and you slowly fall out of the routine because going hard 365 is not sustainable or healthy for that matter.

So what are people to do? Well start slow and add tinny habits (check out BJ Fogg ) and work to build it into you daily lifestyle. Excuse the pun but you can have the cake and eat it if done right. But at the beginning you need to work for it. You will need to make sacrifices along the way but in the grand scheme of things you will look great feel even better and still enjoy the finer things in life in moderation.

What we will be covering in 365 results!

1) The four C’s

  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Coaching
  • Community

2) Programmeming

3) Getting Started


Have a great day, week and better month


Stephen Kinsella


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