Welcome back to 365 Results and number two in the four C’s is Consistency!

Too often we hear “I don’t have the time to get to the gym or train this week” Yep! It’s a constant and your commitment to the task and ability to stay consistent with health and fitness is the reason why so many people don’t achieve long lasting results.

Why does this happen?

Let’s take a look at what happens in January. Most people decide that this year is the year to get in shape and make the big changes to lose the stubborn fat (can you relate to this?). After 6, 8 10 weeks the motivation and the Want to exercise dwindles away and you become burnt out and slowly start to wind down and eventually stop until next January or 2 weeks before the summer holidays.

The problems is people start too big and commit to 4-5 even 6 days per week of intense training and crazy eating plans. So you went from no activity and a bad diet to a complete 180 hoping your body and mind can handle this change with your daily life routine as well.

Once this starts to happen your begin to feel bad about not getting your sessions done each week. This leads to a negative look on your training routine which will add stress to your day and as you KNOW when you are stressed you food tends to slip towards the high calorie processed sugars and before you know it the only reminder you have of being in a gym is your bank statement every month.

How to fix this for long term training and results?

Keep it simple and I mean simple to begin with. If you have never exercised or it’s been a while since you have exercised, make small changes. Commit to two days per week for four weeks that’s your goal no matter what happens in your life. If you manage a third day that’s the BONUS. You’re happy with getting two days that was the goal and you’re on a winner because you got one extra day.

Let’s look at it the opposite way. You plan three days and only get two, you have let yourself down and your week is seen in a negative light.

Once you have done 4 weeks and got your eight plus session in that month start looking at three session per week and a BOUNS forth session.  Again don’t feel bad for not getting the fourth session the Goal was three.

Over a one year period your exercise routine becomes a part of your life and you are being active 4-5 even 6 times a week because it’s automatic and grew over the year. “365 REUSLTS”

Remember quick results are just that Quick and not sustainable. Make small changes you know are possible in your week routine and in one year you will have the body you have always wanted and better yet live a healthier and more active life with less stress and YES you will be happier in your day.


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