Success is intentional – The ‘Have to’ will get you there.

Kicking off 365 Results we will be introducing you to the 4 C’s that we go by here at FSM. Today we will be looking at Commitment and “the want and have to”

Commitment is key to getting results in any fitness endeavor be it running a marathon competing in CrossFit or losing weight. We all have the ability to commit to a task but what a lot of people misunderstand is that commitment has to sides, ‘The Want’ and ‘The Have To’.

The Want:

Well we all want something and when January comes around most of the population WANTS to get in shape lose weight and make 2015, 2016, 2017 the year of fitness. This is brought on by over eating and drinking the month before (the Christmas pounds) and you are inspired and motivated to go after a new you.

Unfortunately to many people rely 100% on motivation to get them through but after 4-6-8 weeks your motivation starts to run down and you start taking a day off exercise here and there and before you know it the only reminder that you are a member of a gym is the direct debit on your monthly statement.

‘The want’ to do something is great and vital to getting you started but the ‘have to’ is stronger.

The Have to:

Every day you get up and before you leave the house you brush and floss your teeth. This is something you do every day without thinking. But why is this automated, well you like your teeth and do not want them to fall out, also you do not want people in work to think you are unhygienic and have bad breath.

So what’s you’re Point?

Well when your parents started teaching you about dental health I’m 99% positive you did not like to do it every day and your parents had to stand by you and double check it was done every morning and evening. This is the ‘Have to’ because there was no want to brush your teeth everyday. Over time and as you realized that there is benefits to brushing your teeth you made it an automated part of your day, plus you had a coach (parent) with you and more about that in part 3.

What does brushing your teeth have to do with exercise?

The issue is the same. If you want to get long lasting results you must understand that you will have more ‘have to’ exercise days than ‘want to’ exercise days. If you are surrounded by the right people and coaches, the ‘have to’ day will become automated (like brushing your teeth) and you will reach your goals and achieve longer health and fitness results.

To sum it up the ‘have to’ days will be the constant in your health and performance but keep working at them, stay the course, plan your week, make them automated and see the long lasting results.


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