Even with Covid 19 and Lockdowns we still got to present our year awards to our members at FSM.

Every year we have a members Christmas party, and, on that night, we give away awards and acknowledgments to the members that show up and put in the work.

Not only that, but the awards are also voted for our members.

Never one to shy away from the challenge the coaches Stephen Kinsella and Rian Kelly stepped up and held a very cheesy awards show!!

We will let you be the judge of how cheesy it was.

Congratulation to everyone that was nominated and won on the night.

Best Male Jeff Costello

Best Female & Best Kid Fiona & Sadie Croke (Mom and Daughter)

Best Teen Luke Cotter

Women’s only award went to Regina Crosse

We do hope that in 2021 we will get to have a bigger night out with everyone attending.

Stay Safe

Team FSM


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